Thursday, October 25, 2012

Doing the Monster Math!

Is "The Monster Mash" playing in your head right now?  It's been in mine all day.  Just gotta also say, I love this little guy!  He cracks me up....makes me think of Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.  He's from KPM Doodles.

Today we had a Parent Activity Event the last 45 minutes of the day today.  Our focus was math and we were asked to come up with activities to show parents what we are currently working on.  Since we've covered numbers to 10 and my kiddos are still have a tough time with it, I came up with these two activites:

Build a Skeleton game (number identification):
I used a clipart picture from a old Mailbox magazine and cut it apart, then made a mat for the pieces to go on.  Students roll the dice, find
the matching skeleton piece and build their skeleton.  To keep it interesting, I added a roll again (smiley) and lose a turn (frowny).

Ghost Roll and Cover (counting, 1-1 correspondence):
I just used clipart and placed 25 circles on it.  I gave each student a baggie of mini marshmallows.  They rolled the dice and placed the correct number of marshmallows on their ghost.  To make the game last, I only used one and two on the dice and included a smiley face (add one and roll again) and a frowny face
(clear off your board).  When the board was completely covered, they would either play again (time allowing) or eat their marshmallows. 

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