Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Math Stations..with FREEBIES!

My friends, I am so sorry!  This year is kicking my behiney and I have been beyond a bad blogger.  I have a great group (albeit almost double what I had last year!), but our schedule is nuts and I am barely keeping my head above water.  I read this article the other day on the exhaustion of the American teacher and I completely identified.  Is anyone else feeling this way? 

We are just now starting Math Work Stations.  Until we can get our non-negotiables (what we are REQUIRED to do every day) down pat and our rhythms better established, we are only doing them on Fridays.  I have 5 activities that I double up and put into 10 tubs.  Yesterday was our first day and the students did great with 2 rotations of 8 minutes each.  Here is what we have this month.
A freebie from my bloggy friend Kaci at Mrs. Hoffer's Spot. 

Monster Roll and Cover.  An early favorite! 

Playdough number formation practice

Spin a Shape

Race to Trace from Shari Sloane

For each activity, I left a link so you can grab them for yourselves!  Just click each picture! 

Here's another freebie for my blogger friends.  It's an activity that I change monthly with my calendar to work on CCSS K.OA.5...add and subtract fluently to 5.  I have a 5 frame on my calendar.  Students pull 5 "coins" from a bucket and sort by the picture then write a number sentence.  Right now we are using bats and pumpkins and the sentence reads " ___ and ___ is 5."  Next month is will be a scarecrow with 5 crows and they will roll a handmade die to find out how many to take away and record.   It really seemed to help last year.  Sorry I don't have a picture but click here to get it for yourself. 

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