Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A "Just Because" Giveaway...LOVE IT!

Who doesn't love "just because"?  I certainly do!  Head on over to Jessica's blog to enter!  Click her button here or on the side!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bubble Fun!

As an end of the year writing activity, I always read The Bubble Factory by Tomie dePaola. 

 It's the story of the twins, Sam and Molly, who are always getting into trouble and when they visit the Bubble Factory, their mischief has some fun results! 

After reading the story, I give my kids some "wish" bubbles, like the ones Sam and Molly create in the story.  Then we go outside, blow and use our imaginations!


Then we come back inside and write.  In the past I have turned this into a class book, but this year they were begging to take them home.  I also usually require a sentence, but today, being our last full day, I let them off easy with just a description.

oops...just caught that his was upside down!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good Reads! My Summer Reading List

Jessica at Mrs. Stanford's Class is having a summer reading list linky party.  Click on her button to link up!

Here's my list!
My first choice...going to start next year! 

I'm planning on being very ambitious next year!

both to compliment the Guided Math book
IF I have time, I may actually read something for enjoyment....with more than 5 words on a page!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I encourage passing notes in class

Today, after our Math activity we had a few minutes of free time.  I told my kids they could draw on their whiteboards, but they couldn't talk.  If they wanted to talk to their friends, they could do so only by passing them a note on the whiteboard.  You could have heard a pin drop!  They wrote furiously for about 10 minutes.  Take a look!

It's hard to make out, but he wrote "Hi camera!"

Thanks to Mrs. Winder from Carl Junction for the GREAT idea!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Snapshots of Our Year

This has to be my favorite bulletin each year.  Maybe it's because it's the last one, but mostly because for me, it's a reflection of what we've done and my student's attitudes toward our learning.

I ask each student to write about a favorite activity we've done during the year.  Most write about something recent but a few usually pick an activity from the first part of the year.  We then make a "camera" to take a picture of what's in our brain, our visual image of the activity.  It's always comical to me to try to explain the old school Polaroids to them.  They just can't seem to wrap their heads around it and they ask A LOT of questions.

Here's a few snapshots of our snapshots!  :)

I liked watching the clouds that we did outside.  I saw a rocket cloud.

I love when I made the skeleton.  We used Q-tips!

Friday, May 4, 2012

This explains it! has been NUTS!  Someone asked at a meeting yesterday if there was a full moon.
Not only a full moon, but a SUPERMOON, the largest full moon this year due to the Earth's orbit.  Doesn't that make you go "Ahhhhhh, yes!"?

Can't wait to see it!

Zoo literacy center freebie!

The end is near...yet I am soooo covered in all the "fun" paperwork.  I did get a second to create a literacy center to keep my little ones busy engaged.  Hope you can use it too!   Click on the smiley face to get your freebie!

Clipart by Melonheadz, KPM  Doodles and DJ Inkers.
Thanks, Amber, for letting me know about the problem.  I think (fingers crossed) I fixed it.  Let me know if not!