Friday, January 27, 2012

Yummy learning...and boogers!

How do you capture a 5 year old with the winter blah's attention?  Let them eat!

The last week we have been using food a lot in my classroom.
First, CVC word work with Twizzler Pull and Peels...
Then practice syllable counting practice using penguins and Goldfish...
Then....BOOGERS!  That's right, folks.  We ate our boogers!
Here's the skinny on the snot...
Our wonderful school counselor came in on a request for help with the lovely, wonderful task of getting my kids to quit picking their noses.  First, she read them this book:
It tells the story from the booger's perspective...what his real job is (protecting your nose from dirt and germs), how to properly care for your booger ( don't flick him or **gasp!** eat him!), and how to remove him with the gentlest of care (make a booger ghost).  Then she showed them to cutest video of the story set to Micheal Jackson's "Beat It", called "Don't Eat It!".  I laughed until I was about to cry.  

They then got to make a Booger Ghost using a Kleenex.
The lesson ended with getting to eat a booger.  Let me tell you, they were DELICIOUS!!!

Retelling TV

I did this last year and posted about it on my old blog.  Click here to see that post!

Back story:  when I was a kid, I would occupy myself by making up a story and creating my own "tv show".  I would pull the long strip of paper through my own "tv".  It kept me entertained and out of trouble.

Last year, for some reason, I got to thinking about it and decided to use it as another way for my students to retell a familiar story.  It was such a hit I just had to do it again this year.

We read Jan Brett's The Mitten.  We have been discussing retelling using the beginning, middle and end, so after reading we made a chart (sorry...didn't get a picture! :( )of the events.  I gave each student 3 boxes.  We drew a scene from the 3 parts in the boxes. 
The students then cut the boxes out, glued them together (with a lot of direction!) and I helped them run it through.  Just a tip...I had them glue a slightly vertical longer strip on the ends to keep them from pulling it completely through. was the series premiere of "The Mitten"!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A snowball fight! the classroom?

Last week we reviewed some of our phonemic awareness skills we have covered so far this year.  We were studying snow, so why not have a little fun and have a snowball fight?

At first the students were skeptical...Really, Ms. D?  There's no snow!  We discussed the concept of ending sounds again and I handed them each a half sheet of paper with a clipart picture on each one. Imagine their faces when I told them to WAD...IT...UP!  The giggles were abound!

Then the fight was on!  We did gentle tosses in the air for several minutes.

Then we uncrumpled unfurled smoothed them out and took a look at our picture clue.  After checking to make sure everyone knew what their picture was, we went to our "corners" designated by the ending letter.

Then we crumpled them back up and repeated.  It was one of those things they begged me to let them keep doing.    If only every lesson could be like this!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

LOTS of Love to Joplin!


When I contacted Deedee Wills at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten asking for a donation for a raffle at our district Kindergarten meeting, I never dreamed it would turn into the amazing outpouring of love that it did!  At the present time, I have received approximately 190 emails which included over 300 units and activities and 20 gift cards and certificates. 

The blogging world is amazing!  We in Joplin love you right back!  Words cannot not express the joy that you have all brought into our lifes.