Friday, January 27, 2012

Yummy learning...and boogers!

How do you capture a 5 year old with the winter blah's attention?  Let them eat!

The last week we have been using food a lot in my classroom.
First, CVC word work with Twizzler Pull and Peels...
Then practice syllable counting practice using penguins and Goldfish...
Then....BOOGERS!  That's right, folks.  We ate our boogers!
Here's the skinny on the snot...
Our wonderful school counselor came in on a request for help with the lovely, wonderful task of getting my kids to quit picking their noses.  First, she read them this book:
It tells the story from the booger's perspective...what his real job is (protecting your nose from dirt and germs), how to properly care for your booger ( don't flick him or **gasp!** eat him!), and how to remove him with the gentlest of care (make a booger ghost).  Then she showed them to cutest video of the story set to Micheal Jackson's "Beat It", called "Don't Eat It!".  I laughed until I was about to cry.  

They then got to make a Booger Ghost using a Kleenex.
The lesson ended with getting to eat a booger.  Let me tell you, they were DELICIOUS!!!

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