Saturday, March 3, 2012

3D coming at ya and a little Seuss

Wow.  What a week! 

First off, my heart and prayers go out to anyone affected by the recent storms in SW Missouri, Illinois and some of the southern states.  May God bless you like he blessed us almost a year ago!

It's been a busy week.  Our Math focus this week was on 3D shapes.  As I explained it to my kiddos...3D means coming at you, hence the title of this post.  Here are some of our activities.

Click here to pick up this freebie 3D shape poem by Marlana at Lil'Country Kindergarten!  Poetry is a great way to introduce a topic..short, sweet and a CCSS!
To get us started, we passed around the shapes and made a 3D shape version of the chart I found at Kindergarten Kindergarten.  You can grab my copy of the chart here.  We are lucky to have a poster marker so I blew it up!

We also read the story Shapes That Roll and worked cooperatively to see if our 3D shapes could roll, slide or be stacked.  My response sheet is yours if you want it!

  This is one of my little friends.
He got so excited when he figured out that cylinders could be stacked and got so animated in his explanation that I just started clicking away!  :)

Our last day was a 3D mystery bag activity.  I got this idea from A Place Called Kindergarten.  Click on the name to read all about it!  It was one of those activities that you read about and just have to do the next year!  Here we are in action...
this was up on the SmartBoard

And the rest of our week?  Well, it got very Seussy in here!
counting phonemes with the Cat's hat  

Where would you eat Green Eggs and Ham?
on a magic carpet
anywhere (I love K spelling!)

 You have a what?  Where?  based on There's a Wocket in My Pocket!  This was one of my "one activity that morphs in your head while you're reading the book" activities.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Thank goodness our Early Lit teacher, Mrs. Dobbs, stuck with me!!
a grozet in my clozet
a wickle in my pickles
 The Cat's New Stuff after reading The Cat in the Hat.  We decided he needed something else!
thingamajiger  (again...the spelling!)
new blue bow
Yertle the Turtle teen turtle stack (borrowed from one of my BTFF's-best teaching friend forever!)

Cat in the Hat rhyming with our tablemates...
Our writing on our bulletin board and our Cat glyphs from Rachelle at Life Is Sweet...In Kindergarten!

And, to end our week, guest readers!

I know she will be tickled pink to see this post, so here are some A-DOR-A-BLE!!! Thing 1 and Thing 2's that our first grade teacher, Mrs. Bashor, had her class make to accompany their writing.  Gotta love Pinterest!

Wonder why I am so worn out??  Have a great weekend!


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