Monday, March 4, 2013

Currently, keeping busy and finally some fun!'s already March!  Where has this year gone?  Has it flown by for you too? 
Since it's a new month, that means one thing...a Currently post.  Click here to go link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Here's the skinny:
Listening:  When I wrote this on Saturday, it was a kid free weekend since Little Miss was at her dad's.  Normally, I being treated to a Doodle Bugs concert, but since I was sans kid, it was the infomercials keeping me company.
Loving:  keep reading!
Thinking:  I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a laptop.  We have Macs at school and while I prefer them, I really don't prefer the hefty price tag, so I got a handy dandy basic Toshiba pc.  Love it, but it's taking a bit to adjust back to a pc.
Wanting:  Who doesn't?
Needing:  Again, without the wee one jumping around, I was quite content to sit in my big chair, sporting my jammies and sucking down a pot of coffee.  But....reality set in...and I got off my duff and got moving.
Like: see "thinking"
Love:  My new bloggy and TpT friends have been not only an inspiration, but so supportive in my new endeavors with my TpT store and during this school year in general.  I {heart} you, Kinderland!
Hate:  Our schedule has been 12 kinds of messed up the last few weeks due to snow and ice.  Just when I think we are back in routine--bam!  Snow day.  I do ok with one, maybe two, but after that I get antsy.  The next two week are going to be CUH-RA-ZY!!  Read Across America Week this week with spirit days, extra meetings and a parent activity day thrown in for extra nuttiness, 3rd quarter grade card testing (ugh), and Parent/Teacher Conferences.  But then...spring break and some fun!

Here's a preview of my Spring Break.  I am so jazzed I actually squealed when I saw it...
I just can't wait!  I promise to post lots of pictures!

With all the snow days, I kept myself busy.  Here are my two latest products in my store.  Sorry about the fuzziness, but I've added a mini retelling unit using The 3 Little Pigs, great for the Reading Literature Common Core Standards and just in time for St. Patty's Day, a little CVC Write the Room!  Click on the titles to go to my store to check it out for yourself!

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  1. I'm over visiting from Farley's March Currently! What a cute blog! Have you had lots of snow days? We've had three so far and I'm all done! I love them when they happen but not when we have to make them up! I hope you enjoyed your quite and your coffee! :o)

    A is for Apple B is for Blog