Sunday, July 7, 2013


It happens every year.  I give myself one week after Summer School is over to be "lazy"...not that I do it, but I just want to give myself some down time.  Then it hits...the panic.  I have 3 weeks?!?! 

The panic happened so innocently.  I was out to lunch with a few of my co-workers and the conversation casually turned to next year.  All of the sudden, my mind was racing, I was jotting down notes and lists on anything I could write on and I went nuts.  Needless to say, this morning has been very productive.  Let me share my busy-ness with you!

I can't stand for the house to be quiet while I'm working.  These were my choices for background noise this weekend.  I have to admit I watched a bit of Fast Five.  Oh la la la...Vin Disel and The Rock are so yummy!!

This was the scene this morning at my table.  Just me, my coffee, laptop, printer and laminator.  I started out with about 200 sheets of cardstock and a full package of laminating pouches.

About 4 hours later I had this stack, no more cardstock and about 10 sheet of laminating left.  I think I'm seeing blisters in my future!

That humongous stack included 2 sets of popcorn words I made, 4 sets of Marsha McGuire's Top Banana letter cards, Kaci Hoffer's Vroom Vroom alphabet cards for my building center, Kathleen Pederson's Fun in the Kitchen pack, some freebies I picked up from Kinderland's Facebook Freebie Hop and my new center signs.  My principal told us in order for us to have centers this year, we needed to tie them to Common Core.  Well, I took it a bit further and made a sign that lists the standards for each center.  I may be posting these to my TpT store before school starts!

I also have to confess something to you.  Hi, my name is Erica and I am addicted to Pinterest.  Shocking, I know.  It's how I've been spending my evenings after Little Miss goes to bed.  It's going to be the death of me!  But, I did finally get around to making a few of the things I've pinned. 

First was this easy-peasy counting game I found.  I've decided to make some "I'm Done!" bags for kids to use when they are finished with their work and this is going in one.  Just takes some clothes pins and some paint chip cards from Wal-Mart. 

Next was something I found and pinned after looking at Little Miss Hypothesis' blog for ideas for a science center.  I have always wanted to do one, but just never got around to it.  Well, thanks to Laral's blog, I'm doing it!  This is a magnetic discovery tin I made.  It's a muffin tin from the Dollar Tree (seriously, what did we do before the Dollar Tree?), wedding favor tins from Hobby Lobby (50% off!) and random stuff I scrounged from around the house.  This tin has a birthday candle, screws, a cotton ball, staples, a penny and some buttons.  My kiddos will predict whether or not the items are magnetic and test their theories with a magnet wand that I will tie to the hole at the end of the tin.  I've got another muffin tin and plenty of favor tins so I'll make at least one more, maybe two. :-)

Tomorrow is our big moving day at school, so I'm sure I won't be making such a big mess at home.  I'll post again when I've whipped up a few more items!

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