Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happenings...and a sale!

Life is 100% certifiable nuttiness around here!  I basically go from home to school to home then crash these last few weeks.  The end of the year is like this for everyone, right??

I promise that in the next week or so, I will post about all the goings on lately in Eagle Land.  My kinders are so ready for summer!

But, just as a reminder of how much we as teachers, and you as one of my readers and TpT watchers, are appreciated, TpT is throwing their annual Teacher Appreciation Sale! 
 I'll be participating in the sale, along with thousands of other buyers.  Everything in my store is up to 20% off and if you use the extra TAD13 code at the check out, you'll get an additional 10% the sale price, which, people who are WAY better at math than me tell me, makes the total discount up to 28%.  It's one of those times I say "sure" with a smile and a nod of my head.  :-)

Because it's been so busy around here, I haven't had a chance to create as much as I would like to, but here are a few things that I've posted to my store recently you may want to check out!  Click each cover to go to my store. 

First off, my chicken, frog, plant and butterfly life cycle mini packs sold so well, I bundled them so that you can use them all during your life cycle studies. 

For a fun Math Write the Room that will be sure to get your students counting and seeing spots, I created a composing/decomposing teen numbers game. 
The end of year is near, but the learning is not over!  Have a little summer fun in your classroom with my newest pack, complete with 2 literacy and 2 math games.
And these are not new, but they are some HOT sellers in my store.  They are great for any time of the year.  Why don't you check these out?


Here's a direct link to my store if you'd like to browse :)
And I'm linking up at Lanier's Lions so you can see other great Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers are participating!

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