Monday, June 25, 2012

A little behind...Chapter 2 of The Daily 5

Wow!  Where has the time gone?  Like so many of you, I've gotten a little behind in my postings for the Daily 5 book study.  I've also got to work on my post for the first 6 chapters of In Pictures and In Words but a little trilogy about some guy named Grey has me hooked. it hot in here or is it just me?  

       Do I trust my students?  Ummm...yes...but some more than others.  It's sad to say, I know, but I really try then something happens that breaks that trust.  I need to work on it.  I try to give the students ownership in our room and our things, but sadly, many don't care. I teach them the routines of our classroom from day 1 and we practice, practice, practice so that I can trust they can do things on their own.  I shudder to think that I may be...can't say, not enabler?  **Sigh**
    Ok this was a really hard chapter for me to reflect on.  Control freak Erica has a hard time letting go.  I do think I provide choice within structure...multiple activities within their station that they can choose to do.  Is that good enough?  I know in my heart of hearts its not, so something else I have to work on.  
    Finally, something I feel good about!  We are pretty much told class building, class building, class building the first 6 weeks.  Establish routines, get the feeling of belonging and safety established.   We do that.  Can I do more?  Absolutely!  
Sense of Urgency:
   Because I said so?  Guilty of saying it.  I try to explain everything...but sometimes it pops out of my mouth.  I let the kiddos know right off that everything we do, whether it be lining up, writing, or playing at recess, is part of our job and our job is to be the best learners we can be.
    I do this!  We start off for just a few minutes whenever I start introducing stations, and celebrate a good job.  I like the idea of the "barometer" child that you can use to gauge when they are done...keep them successful for how long they can.  There are also tons of cute stamina monitors on the Daily 5 pin board.  
 Staying out of the way:
     I have to do this...I am supposed to be teaching!  I use the "3 before Me" and for emergencies, the "3 B's"...blood, barf and bathroom.  It's usually 2 B's  because we always take a restroom break before hand.  I love explaining the blood (squirting!) and barf emergencies.  It's even funnier listening them explain it to someone who doesn't know!

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